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How to deal with downsizing.

Our 2010 Suburban is proving to be a bigger burden than it used to be.

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With fuel prices hitting 4.2 dollars per gallon where we live, and enviromental standards clamping down on the 3/4 ton behemoth my mother uses, together with the fact that dailying a Suburban in such a congested city is prepostrous... (My mother averages SEVEN miles per gallon)... I think we’re ready for a new car.

I told my mother that she had to consider getting a smaller car since, of her four children, three can already legally drive, and two move on their own without any coordination from her.

Meaning that having a big bus to move the big family is kind of... fucking insane since the big family is branching out.


When we got the Suburban in 2012 I was just starting to drive, but my other sibilings were too young to do so. Now my two sisters can drive, and my little brother is the remaining not-driving person.

I tried to get her to look at the Explorer because it has seven seats, and the new RWD version sounds much better than the FWD one. But even if she’s absolutely clueless about cars, she always levitates towards body-on-frame SUVs like the Expedition and the Suburban... It’s like a sixth sense... she just knows which cars have BoF.


So I need to convince my mom to get a smaller car, not just for the sake of her wallet, but for the sake of breaking into a kind of dificult conversation about how her life will begin to change as we grow older.

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