How To Do The Taboo: The Dismiss Button

Hi Kids! It’s another mod post from your friendly local mod squad!

Today, we’re going to get taboo, baby! We’re going to talk about a no-no. A guilty pleasure. A little function that polite society often frowns upon.


That’s right, we’re going to talk about... the dismiss button.

Now, I know that there is a bit of apprehension about so much as using the dismiss button, for fear of having us as mods go coked-up, kung-fu platypus on you, and that’s understandable. We’ve had a few very public instances of the dismiss button being abused, and there was certainly some unpleasant fallout from that. The intention, however, was not to discourage people from using the dismiss button altogether. Rather, it was to discourage people from abusing the dismiss button and being jerks about it. With that said, let’s get a little more in-depth here, and explain what we mean:

A bit of brief history to kick things off

The dismiss button came into being at some point in time. I have no idea exactly when, and I don’t really care. All I know is that it’s been around awhile. I have no idea who thought of it and implemented it, or why they did so, but I have an image in my mind of two dinklewipes coming up with it over a beer like in one of those Guinness commercials, looking at each other, shouting “BRILLIANT!” in the worst possible approximation of a Corkonian accent, and then proceeding to spill beer all over themselves as they clumsily try to toast to each other.


True story. And it was totally brilliant. The idea, that is.

What the dismiss button does:

It dismisses comments to the netherworld of Kinja’s armpits. Now, to be fair, it doesn’t delete the comments altogether - they can still be see via direct link, either in the profile of the commenter that made the post, or, if applicable, the profile of the commenter that the comments in questions were made in reply to. Say that five times fast.


What it does do, however, is remove that comment from the view of the general populace, meaning that that comment will not be seen by others and will not attract further unwanted attention.

When it is appropriate to use the dismiss button, and why:

Okay, so we all have the power to dismiss comments.

Slow your roll for a moment, though, and channel your inner Uncle Ben: with great power comes great responsibility.


While you can dismiss a comment whenever you want, it’s not always appropriate to do so, and you have to make a judgment call when it comes time to that. It’s not okay to dismiss a comment merely because someone respectfully (and I do mean respectfully - more on that shortly) disagrees with you. It’s not okay to dismiss someone reasonably points out that you are factually incorrect about something. It’s also not okay to dismiss a comment simply because you do not particularly like a given commenter.All of the above constitutes dickish behavior, and falls afoul of rule #1 around here: Be excellent to each other.

“But mods, what if someone isn’t being respectful, and is in fact being a downright dinkle-flapping buttmunch?”


Well kids, that’s when we get to do the taboo and dismiss the bejesus out of their comments. Let me give you a few examples of the kind of comments that are worthy of dismissal:

“You’re full of poop!”

“You smell like the urinal in a Portuguese cat house!”

“I would have been your daddy, but the dog beat me over the fence!”

Such comments, and any other comments in a similar vein, can be dismissed. Go for it. Indulge yourself in that taboo pleasure, you crazy diamond, you.


Comments in which another user is repeatedly harassing you can not only be dismissed, they should be dismissed, and you should notify a moderator immediately. Either find one of us somewhere around here and reply to us, or send an email to

At that point in time, we will step in and open a can of whoopass on an as-needed bases.



Seriously, it’s not productive. It doesn’t help. All it does is fuel them and result in you being more stressed out. You don’t deserve that. Just let the mods know, and we’ll call in an orbital banhammer strike.


When it’s not okay to use the dismiss button, and potential consequences therein:

As I pointed out earlier, it is inappropriate to use the dismiss button to dismiss the comments of those that respectfully disagree with you, have appropriately expressed a point of view that you do not like, or have done nothing to otherwise trouble you in anyway. This is an open community, and argument/debate, as long it is respectful, is encouraged here. That’s how we grow and learn. Using the dismiss button in such a situation is very much taboo, and very much frowned upon - not only by polite society, but by the mods as well. If it comes to our attention that you are doing so, we will step in and address the problem as we deem appropriate.


Also, tiny side note: don’t lie to us about this sort of thing. If we’re addressing you about this, we already have the evidence - otherwise, we wouldn’t be addressing you.

And that, I think, wraps up that discussion. If you have any questions or want clarification on anything, let us know in the comments below. We’ll be monitoring the comments for a while to make sure that we are responsive to you guys and your concerns as members of the community. Thank you to all of you for being pretty damn excellent to each other. You are the reason this place exists, and the reason why I, personally keep coming back.


Keep up the excellence!

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