How to drive someone away.

If you read my previous post regarding a GTI purchase, I went and looked at and am still having an internal fight with myself on if I should buy the GTI or not. I’m about 50/50 on it at this point. I decided to do my due diligence and go check out the only other new car that really grabs my attention, a Stinger 2.0 Premium.

Price wise, it’s not too big of a difference between the 2. Drove down to the Kia place in the 911 so there would be 0 temptation of buying on the spot. What a scummy joint. That car could be damn near perfect and free and I wouldn’t give them the sale.

I started with a simple, “I was driving by and just want to look at what a Stinger is like.” Told them I don’t need help, don’t need to drive it, don’t need to take any of their time. The salesman was a young guy, and he got it. I wasn’t buying anything.


We did the car guy thing and talked cars, he answered some questions, etc etc etc. I thanked him and started to walk to my car. He asked if I would come in and enter a drawing for a free Sorrento. I told him that’s OK, and asked if he gets credit or something if I did. He says yes, so I tell him that I’ll go fill it out with false info so he gets credit because I don’t want calls or emails. He says that’s fine and thanks me.

Fill it out, and I get up to leave after thanking him for his time, and here comes the scummy sales manager. “What do I have to do to earn your business today?” Nothing, just wanted to enter the drawing and see how it looked. “What payment do you want?” I don’t discuss payments on something I’m not buying. “Come on, you came in, what can I do to take that car off your hands and have you drive off in a new car?” Nothing. I told you that I didn’t need help, I was driving by and wanted to see what your car looked like.

He asked some other question, not sure what it was, I thanked him for his time half way through the sentence and walked off. The sales guy followed me out and apologized, said he is new and told his manager that I wasn’t a buyer but he insisted. I told him not a problem and asked about the market adjustment stickers adding $8k to every car. He was sheepish but said it was so people would see the value in all the extras they offered with the purchase of a new car but it was always negotiable.

Ugh. Nice guy. Ryan, thanks for just being a nice helpful guy. You deserve better than that shitty Kia dealer.


For those wondering, this is the GTI that I may or may not own by this time tomorrow.


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