1. Don’t ride for a year.

2. Schedule transfer exam for Unlimited class license so that you don’t have to take Japanese license skill test to upgrade from 400cc license later.

3. Arrive to your scheduled exam time while a typhoon is passing near your island.

4. Be the last person taking the skill exam, and luckily have the strongest winds and rains delay your turn for 10 minutes while the instructors wait in their car for there to be visibility.

5. Drive unfamiliar motorcycle for the first time in rain and wind that has just barely stopped being too violent to drive a car in.


6. Attempt to rid 1000cc motorcycle across ‘real world scenario’ 20 meter long balance beam that is twice the width of motorcycle tires slowly enough that you stay on the beam for 10 seconds.

7. In the last meter begin focusing on next obstacle while wind is gusting, and rain is reducing visibility.



The wind mill/turbine was shot during a calm period where the rain was very light (compared to what I rode in).

8. Have instructor honk at you and cross his arms, then inform you once you are out of the rain that this situation is just a typical one that anyone should be able to manage as they could easily encounter this out on the road.


I was mostly fine with being failed as I expect to fail the first time in Japan, and I really didn’t want to be out in that rain anyway, but I don’t know of anytime that I would ever ride a motorcycle across a 10 inch wide beam so slowly that I need perfect balance - let alone in the midst of high winds and low visibility caused be (near) sheeting rain.