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One of the questions I get asked most often is: How do you find a good mechanic? After all, I spend a lot of time talking about things that can go wrong when you hire a bad one. The answer is actually quite simple.

Even so, it takes a whole podcast to flesh out. You see, the answer is to ask around. And this is true in many fields of human endeavor. Want a good CPA or a good car salesperson? Again, ask around and get a referral.


To make sure the lesson is clear, I give some examples. How I found my mechanic, and how I stepped in to salvage a case when someone didn’t follow my advice, among others.

So, here is the audio:

And the video:

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Steve Lehto has been practicing law for 24 years, almost exclusively in consumer protection and Michigan lemon law. He wrote The Lemon Law Bible and Chrysler’s Turbine Car: The Rise and Fall of Detroit’s Coolest Creation.


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