These speedometers are notorious for failing. Apparent by flickering or disappearing digits. Luckily, according to the internet, it is an easy fix.

Now normally all I get is a trip meter, but of course for my photographic example everything is lit up.

You can see how the mileage has changed.


There are two ways to go at this. A sure fire way(need soldering iron) and a half assed way. Guess who doesn't have a soldering iron?

Tools needed: 7mm socket and a T15 torx bit.


As shown in the lead in picture, using the 7mm socket remove two screws holding outer bezel in place.

With that removed you have access to the 8 screws holding the lens and cover on. You'll need your keys to lower the shift lever out of the way.


Then slide this out of the way.

There she is. Remove the four pinkish T15 screws that hold it in place.


The circled parts are the contacts. Don't worry about the black stuff that is just grease from a previous quarter assed attempt at fixing.

One problem is that these contacts get pushed back, so a solution is to gently pry them back.


I put it back together and...



The mileage should read around 115K though.

GODDAMMIT! Still flickering but less so.


Guess I'm buying a soldering iron. Do you see the divots on the contacts on the printed circuit?

Those aren't supposed to be there. Those are wear points and need to be filled in with solder. We'll see how that goes in part 2.