I have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with the Hemi V8 and Quadra-Drive 4wd system which includes 3 electronic LSDs. I bought it because I wanted something that was ridiculously overkill for driving on normal roads in Wisconsin snowstorms, terrible fuel economy be damned. Like many mid-’00s Chrysler vehicles, it often has electrical gremlins.

Since I bought my Grand Cherokee this past December, it’s had several minor issues that would be more annoying if I had, say, taken it to the dealer for troubleshooting and spent actual money on a fix.

These have included a phantom steering angle sensor problem and a bunch of random check engine codes that may or may not have been due to bad oxygen sensors. Also, I can turn the ignition off with my knee like a Chevy Cobalt, which would be more of a problem if the ignition were actually located anywhere near my knee.


The first couple times I got these weird problems, I did what anyone inclined to work on their own vehicles would do: I spent a bunch of time trying to diagnose and repair whatever was the likeliest cause of the warning light.

Well let me tell you: with a WK Grand Cherokee, this is a waste of time! The sensors and computers in the WK like to just randomly spit out error codes that are more often than not isolated faults that are not symptoms of a real problem.


Most recently, I had the airbag light come on and stay on. I was worried, because airbags are A) expensive to repair and B) potentially life-saving safety devices as long as they are not shrapnel-spewing Takata airbags.

But! Because of my previous experience with fixing WK electrical problems, I have come up with my patented Jeep Grand Cherokee WK troubleshooting procedure:


I followed these two easy steps, and sure enough the airbag light went away and has not returned.

Remember folks: if you have a WK Grand Cherokee and you get any kind of warning light, before you spend any time trying to sort out this problem, remember to disconnect the battery and see if the warning light goes away. It probably will!