How to get any image from Kinja in original resolution (update)

Option 1: Right click the image > open in new tab > replace "ku-xlarge.jpg" (or whatever the last part is) with "original.jpg" in the url > hit enter

Option 2: Use Google Chrome and download this extension as explained in this post. Thank you huntsville-AL for creating this.


Try it on the image above to see what is happening in the image.

Here is a wall paper sized image to try it on:

Update #1: Another option for images in the middle of a post (not header or comment images): click expand in the bottom right corner > open in new tab. This should bring you right to the full sized image. Thanks to Rosetto Viacava for reminding me of this one.

Update #2: Both Options 1 & 2 above work with images on the front page as well.

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