so I scooped up some pilot super sports off the craigslist and am shocked at what shops are asking me to pay to mount them. before I bought, I used tire racks find an installer function. it lists shops around you and what they charge when you ship them tires from tire rack. my question is are these prices special or lowered for tire rack? when I call they are not in the same ball park at all. One Mr. tire said 65 to do all tpms sensors recalibrated when online it says 5 per wheel. Idk I just feel like im getting hosed because I didn’t buy from them. sorry id rather buy tires for 87 bucks instead of 220.....anyone have any advice? the guy I bought from said check sams club. I would like to pay 25 per tire for everything tire rack shows 15+5 at many nearby shops. im in the Washington dc region, the tires are 235/40/18. Any help is appreciated