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How to give yourself a semi-legitimate sick day

Yesterday, I went a little overboard on the spicy food. For lunch, I had kung pao chicken from a chinese takeout joint. For dinner, I had a pizza from Falbo Bros called the Great Balls of Fire, which has meatballs, double cheese, and hot giardinera. Example of a Great Balls of Fire pizza from the Falbos menu page:


This morning, I went to have my morning visit with the toilet, and it was...fiery. I continued to not feel so great afterwards. I called in to my office and told my admin/office manager that my stomach felt messed up. "I don't know if it's a bug or something I ate." I did not mention the kung pao chicken or Great Balls of Fire pizza.

She proceeded to check my calendar for me, and mentioned that the quarterly staff meeting planned for this afternoon had been postponed, because my boss was also out sick, due to a severe allergic reaction to a bee sting.

I then made a return visit to the bathroom.

Since then I've been bumming around on the couch with my laptop, feeling pretty much fine. Now I'm somewhat hungry, and debating whether to have some leftover pizza.


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