Fed up with dumb opinion pieces on the Jalopnik FP inspiring dumpster fires in the comments section? Well suffer no more! It seems Kinja changed something and I’m now able to hide the comments module. Two fire trucks from very different locations for your time.


You can argue that if I don’t want to read the comments I should just skip over them, and I think that was perfectly fair to say right up to the point Kinja introduced infinite scrolling which forces you to see at least a few comments before reaching the next article. Lately certain authors have been pushing out shitty, opinionated, barely car-related articles that entice users to engage in shouting matches in the comments section. I tried hiding these with the help of an adblocker but it didn’t seem to work until recently, when they stopped appearing. I never realized how much time I spent wading through the replies. If I really need to write something I can open up a different browser but the more I think about it, the less it’s ever a requirement.

Anyways, add this filter to your adblocker and it should do the trick:


That should be all that’s needed. I’ve also tidied up the entire browsing experience by removing a lot of intrusive ads and content. I’m not sure if some of these may be outdated but here we go anyways:


As the quality of FP posts continues to decrease I can unequivocally say that no, I do not feel bad for blocking ads. I even began checking out Autoblog again.


The first fire truck pictured is from Charlottetown, PEI. The second is from Swindon, England. Text on the truck and plaque indicate build dates of 1929 and 1912, respectively.


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