Mini rant after the jump.

It’s really quite simple, all you have to do is turn on the car and the driver info centre reassures you that yes you are in fact a fucking idiot for buying a mid-bankruptcy, bean counter special, 2008 I’m-made-of-plastic Chevrolet.


Oh and the passenger headlight literally never works. Ever. Nighttime driving was so fun this weekend.

You know how rust usually forms after paint chips occur? Well this one forms rust underneath the paint which you find out after a piece of it randomly falls off. The bowtie on the rear hatch has decided it doesn’t want to live there anymore, the turn signals work properly only when they feel up to the task.


The interior is made of cardboard and Tupperware. NVH is cranked up to the max, and the transmission likes to shift to 5th gear as fast as it possibly can.

This was a very sad time for General Motors indeed. They’re lucky I’m so loyal to them because I gave up on them for a couple years.

I just want my Yukon back..