I don’t know about everybody else, but I love the Porsche 996 911 because of the prices one could go for. A mechanically distressed one could go for about $8,000. You may be thinking “Why would you buy a broken german car instead of a a camry” or some other thing Tavarish would say. But if I could rebuild a salvage Honda Civic with my dad, then learn to drive said civic, all while being 12, I could probably fix a Porsche. Anyways, The only thing I don’t like about the 996 are those filthy things Porsche calls headlights, but fear not my friends there is a fix. And it’s not the rims.


When you see this image what do you think you see, if you answered a riced out 997 or 991, you would be wrong because this is actually a 996! This 996 is the result of a body kit / front conversion sold in many places on the internet for only about $2,000! What this kit means is that you can have the affordability of a 996 and the looks of a 997! This video shown below is a replica 996-based GT3 RS 4.0 made by a company called “Xclusive Customs” who makes most of the conversions on youtube and I think we can all say its stunning and all for under 15k.

Then again I might be wrong and I could just buy a Mercedes CL55 AMG with 493 HP

First posted on my kinja in January

Edit: as pointed out by Alfalfa Fillets Falafel because he’s holding a thermal detonator!, some front end conversions exist for under $1,500, and while I like the conversion done in the video above, I felt I kind of owed it to him to add this.

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