So the clear coat on my hood had started peeling really badly and I had to make the choice between trying to repaint it back to stock or do something rediculous. I chose the latter.

First thing to do is remove the hood from your car.

Get your sander out take off all the factory paint down to the primer. I had a couple of small dings which I filled with bondo.

Next go to home depot and get some spray paint, lets see you need red, white, and blue (and some self etching primer) oh and lots and lots of blue painters tape. In order to give this paint job some longevity I ordered some fancy 2 part clear coat to protect it from the UV.


The next thing you need to do is take out a calculator and plan out all the dimensions for your flag. There is this handy website which tells you all the correct proportations so that your flag is sized properly to your hood.

Now you can begin laying out the flag. you will paint one color at a time. I did the painting in this order: primer, white stripes, red stripes, blue rectangle, white stars, clear coat. For each of these steps you need to be meticulous with your tape. Pay especially close attention to any body lines on you hood as they are more difficult to tape.


Also of note, I put black boarders on either side of my flag as my hood is not a perfect 3:5 ratio rectangle. This is something for you to consider as this probably won’t look as good on every car.


Now for the hard part, the stars. This is how I did it. cover the quadrant with painters tape and make a grid such that every intersection of lines is the center of a star. Then make your star pattern out of something durable like a peice of carboard. To get the original star I printed one out on MS word using the shape tool they have.

Once you have each star traced you can sit there with an exacto knife and cut out each of the 50 stars. To put everything in perspective, while you are sitting there doing this and thinking how damn tedious it is, just think about Valley Forge and how miserable it was for our forefathers.


Then the last white.


AND WHAM now, just like a tomahawk cruiser missile, you have the incredible power to shower the world with America, except you just have to drive around!

Don’t forget the fancy clear coat at the end!


Also of note, if you don’t like having your picture taken I wouldn’t recommend this modification. I lived at DC at the time and in the summer tourists would take pictures at every stop light.

Stay tuned for how to put a big American flag under your hood and HAPPY 4TH!!