Step 1: Release game for PS3 after arch rival game has launched on XB1, with inferior graphics, sound, damage, features but more cars and tracks however make sure half of them use reworked PS2 era models.

Step 2: Do NOT include exciting advertised features at launch

Step 3: Make sure game is more broken than predecessor from 2010 despite being the exact same game.

Step 4: Spend more time at Goodwood FoS and with stupid racedriver casting show than in the studio working on improving game.

Step 5: Wait until the arch rival has released another installment of their franchise to finally add exciting, innovative advertised features, but make sure players can only use them if they meet these criteria:

a) have access to Nissan GT-R or Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ and live near some racetrack in Japan


b) have access to an iPad or a specific Android tablet

Step 6: Disappoint every loyal player, ever

Step 7: ???

Step 8: Profit

Now on a more serious note: How isolated from the current gaming scene does a developer have to be for something like this to happen? I can somewhat understand it if an anticipated feature gets postponed for technical reasons, but making the final product accessible only through a device 80% of the players don’t own and have no intention to own but not within the game itself? I know people can be weird sometimes but this is just ridiculous. It’s like they know they are going to fuck up GT7 and try to ruin GT6 as much as they can in order to make the next installment of the franchise seem like a legitimate improvement.


And to end this rant on a truly sad note, there are still people actively defending PDs actions.

[Seems like one can avoid tablets by using an emulator, also FUCK YOU PD]