We bought a new (for us, aka used) car this evening, but now we’ve got to get rid of “The Panzer” - aka, our 2000 Mercedes ML32o.\

I really don’t know how to market this thing. In its current condition, KBB rates it at about $1700. I’d be ecstatic to get $2000, but real pleased to get $1500. I don’t want to lie and make the ad sound better than the car really is, but I don’t want to steer people away from it either. What do I do?

The drive train has been the most reliable part of the car. We’ve replaced a few sensors here and there, but other than regular oil changes, we haven’t had to put any money into the engine/transmission/differential.

My wife bought this car in ‘09 (didn’t know her then) for $9000 when it had only 60,000 miles. Overall, it’s been great value and a pretty reliable trooper for us. Mechanically anyway. It now has about 145,000 miles on the odometer, and here is a list of the current issues:

  • Air conditioning unit doesn’t work - or needs to be serviced. We spent nearly $1000 fixing a stepper motor in the innards of the dash when only hot air was blowing through, but now it appears the A/C unit is not working.
  • Central locking does not work. I have no clue how to fix it.
  • 6-changer CD player does not work.
  • Leaking drain seals near the sun visor. I took the car through a car wash the other day, water poured into the cabin. Doesn’t really do this when it rains, but I’m certain moisture is getting through some hwo.
  • Suspension is wobbly AF, definitely needs new shocks.
  • Fuel gauge is spastic, not entirely reliable. Though the fuel light is pretty accurate when you’re getting close to empty.
  • A tire shop said one of the rims is bent, which is causing a slow leak quite regularly on one of the tires.
  • The chrome wheels are peeling.
  • There are a few minor dents and paint peeling on some areas of the car.
  • the 40% of the 60/40 back seat split will not fold entirely flat.

I think that pretty much covers it....

So what do I do?


Here’s the Panzer on the very best of days.