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How to remove paint from a diecast car, using household items?

Hey Oppo, I need your help yet again.

I want to remove the paint from a diecast car, it’s a metal majorette 1:43 scale model (can’t say which one because I’m a terrible Secret Senna who is still working on the present) if that makes any difference.


I’ve heard of Google, but there I saw lots of tutorials and pretty much all of them use automotive/aircraft paint stripper. It’s too expensive to buy that stuff just for this, so are there any household items and cleaning agents and stuff I can use instead? Like a secret lemon, vinegar and floor polish mix or something?

I’d post this on Live and Let diecast but I’m still in the grey there, so if anyone has the authority I’d like some help there, too.


Edit: Thank you guys, the acetone worked like a charm, it took about 5 minutes and I just scrubbed it off. What can I use as a polishing compound? Again, something I can just take from home, like a type of oil or hand cream or something?

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