After years of use, your steering wheel will start to loose the factory matte finish. But that smooth finish isn’t gone forever, using a few household products you can easily get it looking like new again. Here’s how I did it...

Disclaimer: If you have doubts about your steering wheel or sun damaged/torn up leather DON’T DO THIS, MAGIC ERASERS ARE VERY ABRASIVE.

Step 1: Collect your supplies. I used a Mr. Clean magic eraser, a couple microfiber cloths and a tub of water.


Step 2: Check for dye transfer. Get a slightly damp microfiber cloth and run it around your steering wheel while applying moderate pressure. If you see any die from the wheel being transferred to the cloth, I suggest you don’t go for the abrasive magic eraser.


Step 3: Dunk the magic eraser into the tub of water, pull it out and squeeze it until it’s slightly moist. Once you’ve done this, place it around the outside perimeter of the steering wheel and go with the circle applying moderate pressure. Don’t go too crazy and make sure it’s well lubricated. After this first pass, it should be looking better already. Dry of the wheel and repeat. Clean the magic eraser every time in the water, unless you like redistributing dirt.

Step 4: Observe what you have done and how good it looks.


So there ya go, nice smooth steering wheel. I am not liable for shit.