Do you love depreciation?

Do you love large luxury euro barges?

Here is a car to consider.

When the E32 BMW 7-series was released in mid 1986 it was a huge leap forward from its E23 predecessor. Sleek design that has aged well, reliable 3.0 six cylinder engines and good rustproofing makes it a very tempting alternative to any beige commuter.


Of course, anyone who knows anything about old cars will tell you about the massive running costs, due to the high-tech solutions on board. They will scare you with the prospect of becoming best friends with your local BMW mechanic.

The truth is, mechanically, these cars are absolutely bulletproof, and as long as they have been kept well, they will keep going for years before any major overhaul. The high-tech electronics on the other side, are slightly more prone to failure at this age, but considering the 30 years since the launch of this car, none of that tech is cutting edge, or expensive, while the parts supply and repair information is easier to come by then ever before.


The beauty of the E32s is that they seem to be reaching the turning point in terms of value. Right now, in the UK, they can be had for anywhere between 1k-4k of Queens Money, and my advice is to start with a good example with low mileage and good history, even if it costs a little bit more.


Of course we will not suddenly see these cars selling for 10's of thousands at classic car auctions, but if you were ever tempted by these large Bavarian beauties, I personally think that now is a good time to get them.

What do you think?

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