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How to safely dispose of your razor blades.

Yesterday Aaron Vick Starnes told us about the virtues of keeping razor blades in your toolbox along with a warning to be careful how you dispose them. Here's a cheap and easy yet foolproof way to make sure your used (and new) razor blades don't bite back when you're fishing around in the trash or toolbox.


What you may not realize is that having brand new razor blades bang around in a large open contain can dull or nick them depending on how often they get jostled around. Plus, sticking your hand into a container full of loose razor blades is something best left for Homer Simpson. Preserve your blades and your hand with pipe wrap insulation - resembling black pool noodles, they retail at household improvement and supply stores like Home Depot for as little as $1.18. Of course, you can use pool noodles as well, but pipe wrap insulation tends to be more compact for more convenient storage. Simply slice them in half, cut to fit inside your toolbox or other storage, and stick your razor blades in. This will ensure the blades don't rattle around or slice your fingers, and their sharp edges will remain preserved under the soft foam protection.

UPDATE/BONUS TIP:Line the pipe wrap insulation with bright, highly visible tape (as shown in "5 More Toolbox Essentials") where you plan to stick your blades in. That way you can easily see the slots where the blades go in, so you won't have to constantly make new ones every time you stick your blades in (thus extending both the life of the blades and the insulation).


To dispose of dull blades, use a coffee can (or any resealable disposable container). Use some tape or other label to ensure that this container is prominently marked USED RAZORS ONLY! Yes, this is a pretty simple concept to the point of almost being stupidly obvious, but sometimes it's the most stupidly obvious concepts that need repeating the most. When full, you can take it with you to the recycling center and thanks to that resealable container you should have no fear of having razor blades flying everywhere on your trip.

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