The engine you see right there is the 2.5R5 20v TFSI. In TT RS form, it makes 355 HP and 342 lbt-ft of torque (from 1500 to 5300 RPM no less!). It's also an a incline-5, a type of engine that, when turbocharged, makes around the same power as a V6 but for some reason is dying off.

This is the 5.0 V10 40v TFSI. It makes 579 HP and 479 lbs ft of tourqe. It's also a V10, a type of engine that I beleve to be the best sounding enigne configeration out there. They too, are also dying off because of emmisions and the fact that no one's really rallied to try to save them.

So why have I brought these to glorious VAG engines up then? Because I've have a couple idea's that involve them (though it's mainly about the 5 banger).


1. Make the TT-RS suck less: Ok Audi, you have this fantasic 5 cylinder engine and all this group B heritage. Seems like a good idea to revive the Quattro name plate and make a proper successor. What's that? That's what the TT RS is for? Really! Because between the lukewarm reviews and the fact that you've been relating the RS5 with orignal Quattro makes me think that you want us to forget about it! So how about you do us a favor and make a proper Quattro successor?

2. Put it in the S5: The 3.0L Supercharged V6 TFSI in the S5 makes 329 HP and 325 lbs-ft of torque from 2900 to 5300 RPM. So in terms of power and powerband audi's turbo 5 banger trumps the supercharged V6. So why isn't it being used for the S5? You'd think in this age of down sizing that would happen, and consitiering it's a incline 5 this is some downsizing I can get behind. 


 Apperently the 2.5R5 is the first PETROL engine with it's cylinder block from compacted graphite iron cast iron. That nice, exsept for the fact it's  same type of materal that Audi's high preformace TDI blocks are made out of. And just the diesels, the 2.5R5 is fairly heavy. Granted I know the cast iron block is probably one of the reasons why the engine can deal with such high boost pressures (as well as why tuners can get so much power out of it), but Audi need to find a way to cut some pounds if it plans to do what I sugest.

4. Help make V10's relevent again:
Pagani produces  730 HP and 740 torques from it's 6 liter bi-turbo'd V12 engine. So you'd exspect a bi-turbo'd V10, which has 5/6 the cylinders, to make 5/6 of the power. But if you put two  2.5R5  then you would be proved wrong. Untouched it would make 720 HP and 684 lb-ft of torque. Crank up the boost a bit and you could get anything from 800 HP to 1200 HP. Plus, imagine the noise! Think of the howl of a V10 mixed with the mechanical sound of a group B rally car topped of with supera levels of turbo wastegate noises. So what would Audi do with such an engine? Well, they could put it in the A8 and make a RS8. Or they could make an Aventador riveling R8. Hell, they could put it in the RS6 (even though they have the 4.0 bi-turbo V8 to power it), price it above 150,000 $ and make a proper 4 door supercar. Audi, what ever the case may be, make this happen. Just find some excuse to make this engine happen and you will overtake AMG as my favorite in-house German preformace brand.