Lots of people are talking about how to save Harley Davidson. And I just had a genius idea of how they can make a triumphant return to the top of the pile.

First of they need to appeal to the “more money than brains” club. And who exemplifies that club more than diesel bro dudes? So here’s my pitch. Throw these three things in a blender.

Illustration for article titled How to Save Harley.

Take a standerd big Harley highway mile muncher, put in a 1300cc turbo diesel i4. Something that’ll make like 200 ft/lbs at 2000rpm. Give it 6ft tall stacks, and a dangerously located waste gate. Some thing at may or may not blow your knee off.

Give it bobbed fenders and big wide scrambler tires for that macho off road look. Will it ever go off road? Would it bed any good off road? No and hell no. But it looks “cool” and that’s what matters.

It would heavy, stupid, noisy, dumb, and “piss of the Libb snowflakes” so it’s perfect.

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