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How to school a pretentious parker

Picture this scenario in your head: it’s Thanksgiving morning, and you’ve forgotten something for the dinner table that night, so you run out the the grocery store. Once you get there, your eyes are immediately drawn to a brand new black 911, whose owner has decided that he and his car are important/precious enough to warrant two parking spaces. He’s way off on the edge of the lot, so keying the car would be excessive (it always is). So what do you do? Leave a passive-aggressive note? Squeeze your car as close to theirs as possible? Draw a penis into the dirt on the car with your finger? Maybe. Or, if you’re one of the members of our Nebraska Car Spotters page who also happens to drive a seven figure Porsche 918 Spyder, you simply pull into the next space over and park perfectly between the lines, showing Mr. Big Shot in his 911 that nobody is too important to park correctly.

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