I previously posted an example of a legal R33 on ebay. This ad is an example of an illegal car. No mention of bond release, or who or how the car was imported. In fact seller claims ignorance of how the car was imported. You'll see he claims it's legal because it's been issued a 17 digit VIN, and has been titled in multiple states, multiple times. These facts do not make the car legal. Even if the car was inspected by State Police, and issued that 17 digit VIN. Federally that car is illegal unless it has bond release paperwork from customs. Basically somebody's dumping their illegal R32 before the legal ones make his worthless in a couple months. Caveat emptor.

Quoted text from ad:

Selling a 1991 Nissan Skyline GTS-T R32. Has 63k km on the body (39k miles). Has a r33 skyline swap (RB25-DET and 5spd manual) that had 45km (28k miles) on it. Clutch was done as well, stock. Starts first time every time, looks factory, idles great, doesn't smoke, doesn't sputter or cough, it pulls hard and runs like its suppose to. There are no grinds, pop outs, etc. It has a 3" exhaust. The car was repainted in September 2012, R34 Bayside Blue (spent just under 9k on paint, weatherstripping, and GT-R parts). It has the GT-R front bumper, GT-R front turn signals, and GT-R wing. It has XXR 17" wheels with BRAND NEW rear tires and newer front tires. Interior is in great shape as well. The ONLY issues to this car, the tint should be redone, and the passenger window switch should be replaced (it works when it wants to). Now, the car has a FULL 17-digit VIN. It was imported legally, has been titled more than once in more than one state, has insurance, etc. etc. etc. Even have an autocheck report in hand for the car. This car is in great shape and runs flawlessly. The car just got back from a 700 miles trip, its more than roadworthy. $15,500 cash price or $22k trade value. If you want to find a cheaper one with only a bill of sale, be my guest. If you want a bad ass R32 with ALL the hard work done (and done correctly), so you can turn the key and go, this is it. Show ready. Call or text 414 three 3 six four 30four, do not email me, will not respond. Also, will not answer any questions about how to import these cars, didn't do it and don't have any information for you. Have your cash in hand before contacting me, don't waste my time or yours. Real seller, with a real car, with a real title in hand.