How to sum up an engine like the Toyota 1FZ?

That’ll do it.

max torque at 2800 rpm but that power! yeah. It shifts at 4500 and redlines at 5000.


Full WOT run on level ground using the torque app*

If I do the loss math its actually pretty close to what I would expect. 4.8 x .03 (3% per 1000 feet) and about 30% driveline loss flywheel to wheel I should be around:

[factory hp] 212 x .856 = 181.5 altitude compensated number

181.5 x .7 = 127

That Im showing 136 hp worth of acceleration on a 297,000 mile engine I think is pretty good.

*it uses Acceleration rates and user input weight to make estimates, these are wheel numbers at 4800 ft elevation.

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