The Landrover Defender post below got me thinking. What if I wanted to spend like a couple hours with one? What would be the best way to do it? I’m talking about classic muscle (mustang, camaro, gto), classic offroaders (like defenders or bronco I), classic roadsters, etc. I have no qualms going to a dealership for newer cars, even if I’m not remotely serious. But a classic car? That seems like a different ball game.

This is really a good question for many enthusiast cars. I just realized that there are a ton of cars that I want BADLY. But have never driven them or ridden in them, I JUST NEED THEM. But I may totally change my mind if I get to spend an hour with any of them.


Pretending to be interested in one would be one way, but I’d feel like an ass going around meeting people knowing full well I am inconveniencing them for a car I probably won’t buy, I just want to know if I’d want to buy it someday.

Another way might be Turo?

Finally maybe simply reaching out to local enthusiasts might do the trick? I guess a lot of them would jump at the chance to show off their cars to a fellow enthusiasts.

Any other ideas??

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