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How to Tune a Car in Less Than 5 Minutes

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Fully tuning a car in Forza is an extremely time-consuming process, but you don’t have to spend hours tinkering with spring rates and shock stiffness to make your car seconds quicker around the track. Here are some quick tips on how to sharpen up any car with a minimal investment of effort.

1. Tire Pressure: Tires gain about 5 psi in pressure after warming up, making the stock pressure setting of 30 psi too high. Harder tires loose grip faster, so bump the front and rear pressure down to 28 psi and enjoy better grip and predictability.

2. Toe: Add a maximum of 0.3 degrees toe out on the front wheels for better turn-in and responsiveness. If your car is tail happy to a fault, add up to 1.0 degrees toe in on the rear wheels to keep the rear end in line (0.5 is a good middle ground).

3. Caster: Bump it up to the highest possible setting. You’ll get more camber in the front wheels during turns without affecting camber on straights.

4. Differential: Always put the best differential you can on your car. There is no PI cost to the upgrade, but it can shave seconds off your lap time (especially in FWD vehicles). For RWD cars with lots of oversteer, consider reducing the Accel and Decel settings to 50% in order to maintain more power during turns. For AWD cars, consider reducing the percentage of torque delivered to the front wheels to reduce understeer and improve rotation.

5. Camber: This step will take more work than the others, but the end result is worth the effort. Use the telemetry readouts to check your camber during turns. Your front and rear tires should be close to 0 degrees camber during turns, and your rear tires should also be close to 0 during acceleration. Adjust camber in small increments until your tires are as close to being flat on the road as possible during cornering.


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