Go down to your local tire store, preferably an American Tires store, and get some Michelin Pilot Super Sports put on, you won’t regret it.

I put Super Sports on my Mercedes a few years ago, and oh what a difference they made. They reduced a lot of under-steer, kept the back end from stepping out so much when I wasn’t trying to do it, and just grip for days and days, and then grip some more. They provide excellent grip while not being miserable. They’re not loud, or hard, or look stupid but they provide supercar levels of grip.

I’m in the middle of the review of the C7 Corvette in Car and Driver and the part I’m at; they’re currently praising the Super Sports. I don’t think I’ve ever read a car review that mentioned the tires in any great deal, except what brand they were. Everyone is focusing on the Super Sports because of their amazing ability, so I’m obviously not the only one who loves the tires. I posted the question of who makes the best tires the other night, and most of them said Michelin, and for those who had the privilege of having Super Sports, they had nothing but good things to say about them. I even had an engineer comment on how Michelin is superior because of their prototyping process and their culture; it was pretty cool to read.


The Super Sports can even turn a lowly front wheel drive sedan into a supercar. The story I love most about the Super Sports though was around the time Ferrari came out with the 458. It’s been told that Ferrari wanted the Super Sports so bad that Michelin branded them Pilot Sport 2’s because they had not officially released the Super Sports yet. Dan Neil also praised the Super Sports in his F12 review when he noted that it was faster around Ferrari’s circuit than the Enzo, and he thought a large part of that was due to the Super Sports, awesome.

Michelin kicks everyone’s ass in Motorsport, specifically at Le Mans, and, at least according to the marketing material, the Super Sport benefits from Le Mans technology. Whether or not you believe that, the fact that the Super Sports are the only Ultra High Performance Summer tire that has a mileage warranty says a lot. I also love the fact that Michelin has taken the Variable Contact Patch 2.0 that was introduced on the Super Sports, and moved it the new A/S 3’s and Sport Cup 2 tires. The A/S 3 also benefits from technology developed at Le Mans, specifically the wet compound used to increase grip, sounds pretty awesome.


I love Michelins, and specifically my Super Sports, but I’m not the only one, so you should go put some new Super Sports on your car, go to the track, and kick an M3’s ass.