How to waste your lunch break with boredalways in 10 easy steps

1) decide that you want $1 baja fish tacos from Long John Silver’s

2) drive to LJS drive-thru

3) spend 10 minutes waiting just far enough that I can hear the attendant asking for my order but too far back to give it because the driver in front of me won’t pull up 3 feet into the 15 feet of space in front of them to the next car (wondering why I didn’t honk? Read on)


4) backs up out of drive thru to park and walk inside. Sees the same 4 cars in the drive thru lane from when I first got on the property.

5) walk in an patiently wait at register. Watches as young female cashier/drive thru/cook goes back and forth 3 times without acknowledging my presence. She is visibly stressed. Obviously they are way understaffed for their new promotion.


6) Older female cashier/cook/most likely the mgr on duty/voice of reason comes forth. Checks on new guy. He’s busting his ass on only his 3rd day. Calmly turns to young female, shows a little compassion, and explain what needs to happen ASAP.

7) young female loses her shit. Starts cursing about not having any fish and get off her goddamn back, all in earshot of myself and the rest of the dine-in crowd (all elderly and they asked what was that noise they’re hearing). Older female is trying to calm her down but she’s going past write-up and getting close to suspension with her behavior. Or worse.


8) There’s a reason why I haven’t mentioned ethnicities of the 2 females but if you have been half paying attention to ‘Murica’s viral videos this year with cookouts, selling lemonade/drinks on the sidewalk, door to door campaigning, use of your own apartment complex’s pool, etc., etc., etc., then you should be able to figure out who’s who. Anyway, I realized that I don’t have my personal phone on me (not using my company phone for this shitshow) so sorry, no viral video from me.

9) realizing that I’ve wasted 25 minutes altogether, I leave for another option: White Castle!


10) don’t worry, I went with chicken rings instead of sliders. My stomach continues to thank me this afternoon.

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