How To Win The S2000 Craigslist Scam Lawsuit - Video

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I had a lot of people asking me what I would do if I was involved with the S2000 situation that Jason wrote about on Friday. So, I made a video.


I am not in CA so I really can’t represent the guy in the story who was ripped off - but what happened to him is so common that I know what I would do if I was involved. And since these kinds of stories are so common, I thought it would be a good exercise to do this.

First, read Jason’s great story.

Then, here is what I’d do. Call the police in CA and report the stolen parts from the car my client owned. Then, I’d sue the seller (slam dunk on several causes of action) and the auto shop which may or may not have been involved (the car was in their custody when the parts were stolen from it).


That’s a summary: I explain it all in the video.

It is my hope that someone will help this guy out and, as I note in the video: I’d be happy to help out with advice if anyone wants it. Hey, it’s FREE! As is the video:

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