After reading about the woman who’s car was going to be held hostage by the dealership because they were regretting not marking it up, I gave it some thought. As someone who works in branding and marketing, not only did they screw up - but they could have had their cake and ate it too.

Imagine you’re a Honda dealer and you’re disappointed with your Type-R allocation. You’re getting one for now and it’s already sold. You’re unhappy that you can’t display it.

Or can you?!

It’s quite simple - you call the customer and here’s what the conversation goes like:

Dealer: Hi customer! You’re car is arriving shortly!


Dealer: I know! So are we! We’re so happy about you being the first Type-R owner. We know that you want to get it as fast as possible, but we had an idea, and this entirely up to you....


Customer: Ok....

Dealer: We’d like to hold a little key-handover event. We’ll invite all the local Honda fans and Honda car clubs and the local newspaper and do the whole red-carpet, key hand over, and you rev the exhaust for everyone to hear. It will delay the car for about a week, but we’ll have great pictures to commemorate and we’ll throw in free oil changes for first couple years. What do you think?


Customer: Pomp, circumstance? HECK YEAH!