Just driving around the car, finding no faults. Even the A/C blows cold. The radio works, perfectly aligned, no rattles, clunks, or odd noises while driving. And my son loves it.

Today, I put inexpensive tires on the new-to-me Honda. I also washed it up a little bit, and did some polishing. The headlights came out pretty decently from their fade, using an old buffer pad on the DA. In progress pic:

I’m really impressed with the little car, and can see why people like them. There’s a surprising amount of room in the hatch with the seats folded down.


After finishing with this car, I hosed off the Cougar to get it ready to go to cars and coffee tomorrow. My son will be coming with me to check out the cars. Today he went to the grocery store with my wife and came back with the Focus RS Hot Wheels that he bought for me.