So I don’t even know where to begin with what just happened...

At some point a little bit ago, we can hear what sounds like someone knocking on the front door of the house next door, maybe about 10:40pm. There have been some sketchy folks living there for a while. Sometimes, no one lives there. Sometimes, five or six questionable people. The occasional late night door knocking over there isn’t uncommon.

Shortly after the knocking, the dog starts acting like she’s going to vomit. I hurry her out to the back yard. She had taken her monthly heartworm med tonight and it upset her tummy. While out back, I see lots of flashlight action from around the house next door. There is banging on windows and doors, and some muffled voices. Great. Time to call the police. While the dog is contemplating puking, I hear glass break. I run inside to check on Lady SonicGabe and to make sure it wasn’t our window. She’s fine, wasn’t our window.

When I look out the front door, I see the cops are already on scene, at least three cars. They were the flashlights I saw around back. They are hollering at the guy in the house next door.

Now, a little more back story... That house went up for sale a while back, asking price just over half a million. It then went in to foreclosure, but the sketchy people still kinda lived there. Starting last week, they had been moving stuff out. This continued today with people loading stuff in to a Uhaul, which is still parked over there.


Back to tonight... The police are hollering at this guy. He’s someone who has been living there on and off for the better part of at least two years. He broke out one of the upstairs bedroom windows from the inside. He’s yelling at the police that there is someone with a gun inside his house. The police are yelling at him that there isn’t and for him to come down and open the door, to which he says “No”, along with some other colorful things. The police then tell him they are leaving and good luck.

During all of this, I informed one officer about the moving out that has been going on.

Upon going back inside, we find the dog has finally puked. All over the bed. Wonderful.


Then, there is a knock at the door. It’s the police. They are wondering if we have a crowbar so they can get in to the house.

Yes. Yes, we do have a crowbar. A large crowbar. Please take it and get this over with.

After a little while, they take the guy out in cuffs. He’s belligerent and wants to know why he’s being arrested and what he’s charged with. They tell him he not under arrest and not charged with anything. I guess that means a trip to the psych ward?


We did a little poking around and it turns out the house was sold to the bank back in July. The police tell us the house is pretty empty and it looks like someone has been squatting there. They return our crowbar and ask us to call them if anyone else shows up at the house.

The cops are gone. The sheets are changed. The dog and Lady SonicGabe are asleep. I’m assuming whoever was helping him load the truck today will show up tomorrow, wondering where he went. I’m also assuming the Uhaul won’t be returned on time.

Time for bed.



Thought I should dispose of the large window pieces that landed next to our bedroom window. Better now than to find them by accident later and thus requiring a trip to the ER for stitches.

So far, no action at the house. And hopefully my hard to find roof leak is fixed.