I want to be able to fabricate anything that I might want/need. I’m a pro with LV electronics, I can work with wood, fiberglass, I have access to a 3D printer, and even a CNC machine if I ask really nicely. However I don’t know how to weld.

Welding can be dangerous so I figured that it would be good to take classes. I work 8-6 and the closest place that offers classes outside of those hours is 5 hours away! Why does schooling always have to be so inconvenient/slow paced?

I was thinking of calling some shops that restore old cars to see if I could come and hang out when they have welding projects. Short of that I will just have to buy a welder and all of the safety gear and figure it out, like I do with most other things.

You gents/ladies have any ideas/advice? I’d rather hear someone say “Whoa!, don’t do that ya dumb fuck!” instead of electrocuting myself or setting myself on fire...