How would a Classic Saab 900S fair as a first car?

I need to have my own car soon, possibly towards the end of the year and I've only been thinking this, a Low-Pressure Turbo Saab.

What I really want:

  • Something that can start off running and learn to wrench (Parts don't have to be everywhere, but reasonably easy to source).
  • Something with adequate safety.
  • A boot.
  • It has to be fairly easy to insure.
  • Do better than 20 mpg.
  • Cost less than $4000.

What I don't mind:

  • Auto or Manual, I really don't care.
  • Has to be Any-Wheel Drive as long as it is not an odd number and/or zero.
  • The number of doors as long as it is between 2 and 5.

What I don't want:

  • Not feel like it's made out of origami (that cuts out 60-70% of Japanese cars...sorry to those who are offended).
  • Have the steering wheel on the left side.
  • Be a rust machine or end up being a parts donor for someone else's project.
  • A Miata.

Do you guys think it's a good choice?

Right now I'm looking at this car exactly:


Any other suggestions?

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