Wandering around one of those posts of 1980s SUV tuning crazeI came accross some slightly facelifted Range Rover with SD1 headlamps. It kinda' looked like it was put together with some Bondo and a hand or two of wall paint, but it started to grow on me.


Thus, I tried to achieve that look in a bit cleaner way, and then it came together as how would a small, 2-door sporty Range Rover would have looked like, was it built in the 1970s. It would surely have sourced from Rover's parts bin, and likely from SD1s, the range-topping Rover for a while.

Illustration for article titled How Would It Have Looked Like: 70s Range Rover Evoque

So, whatcha' think? Would it have looked like this or would BL have made something different?

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