1998 Toyota Corolla versus 2015 Toyota Corolla
Image: ANCAP

The average age of a motor vehicle in Australia is 9.8 years. The average age of a motor vehicle involved in a fatal accident last year was 13.1 years. Back in 2015, the average age was 12.5 years.

Of the roughly 1200 to 1300 deaths per annum in the last three years, cars dating from 2001 or before were involved in 36 percent of them, despite the fact that these vehicles make up 20 percent of the fleet. By way of comparison, 32 percent of the fleet is no more than five years old and these vehicles were involved in 12 percent of fatalities.


In a nutshell, Australia’s car fleet is old, older cars are over represented in fatalities, fatality numbers are no longer falling and new cars are safer. Therefore, to fix this, more people should be owning and driving new/newer cars.

If Oppo had the political power, how would we fix this?

Carrot? Stick? Whatever?

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