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How would you ideally stick it to your crappy employer when you quit?

I’ve been working at a dead-end job that is really only a means to an end: travelling abroad and living there before returning to school. My superiors are pretty shitty people, repeatedly cursing at me and threatening my employment for things I haven’t done despite working my ass off—performing the same job myself as three of my coworkers do simultaneously in the later shift—and never being anything but pleasant and obedient. That extends to my dumb ass doing personal favors. I’ll probably give my two weeks and leave without much ado, but I can’t help but fantasize about what can be done to leave one’s employer as deep as possible in the proverbial shitter without doing breaching law or contract. Anyone have good stories in this regard?

I’ll be acquiring a massive stockpile of auto parts at a steep employee discount before I leave, but you’re not really sticking it to the man when you give the man money. It’s not even as good as paying $200 to the thieving-scumbag-shitstain-fuckwitted tow truck company in all $1 bills to liberate your car that they damaged.



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