How Would You Spec Your Camaro ZL1?

As some of you already know, the folks at GM are dropping off a 580hp monster with a manual at my doorstep a week from Thursday. It's well optioned too, as you can see on the monroney.


What I'd like to know is how would you spec it out if it were your money?

Personally I'd drop the carbon fiber weave hood insert and save that $600 for a new set of rear tires. I'd certainly keep the Recaros and microsuede interior package because those are two of my favorite things in the whole wide world.

I will be very, very curious to see if the Recaros in a $60k plus muscle car are as good as those in the Fiesta ST. As far as I'm concerned, those are the best seats I've ever spent time in and I've spent time in a lot of seats.


Leave a link to your custom creation below and a brief explanation of why certain things have made the cut as must have options.

Build Your 2015 Camaro ZL1



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