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How Y'all Been?

Haven’t really checked in here since before the looonnnggg weekend. It was fun, but totally exhausting. Here’s a thing I saw, for your time.

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I went to pick up my parents’ 5-er wagon from the shop, and this was inside. I know, I know, a Turbo Diesel Mercedes W123!! Not sure if manual.

We did not have a relaxing break, but in a good way. Here’s a brief summary:

  • Tuesday - work and school. Picked kids up, ran home to feed dogs, then went to friends’ house for dinner
  • Wednesday - out to movies (Frozen 2!), light shopping, friends over for dinner
  • Thanksgiving ~90 minute drive each way, played football in the yard with kids, ate a TON, had 1.5 dinners and passed out by 8pm
  • Friday - went to cut our Christmas tree (took the old truck), lunch out, a little local shopping, dinner @ my parents’ again
  • Saturday - drove 2:05 each way to see the Women’s World Cup ski race @ Killington, super fun, ~20,000 people spectating, but cold! The lodge was not-even-standing room only. Came home, left kids with parents, went to a Hawaiian themed party - hosted by the owners of an amazing local restaurant, at the restaurant - until ~11:00 (that’s late for us old people)
  • Sunday - 7 year old woke up at 5:30am. Spent the day getting small sapling trees for the kids to put up in their rooms, decorating our big tree, getting ready for the pending snowstorm. 6:30pm, kid who didn’t sleep enough got into a serious let-down from all the excitement over the break, cried and told me he has nothing to look forward to. Navigating that for the next hour took most of the energy my wife and I had left.
  • Sunday, 8:00pm - school is cancelled for kids Monday. Not sure whether to celebrate or cry. My work often follows school cancellations, but not this time. I’ve gotta go get them from my parents around 1pm. They were sledding and happy when I dropped them off.

Coffee #2 on the way. Happy Holidays!

What did I miss? How was Thanksgiving for everyone? Kinja is still alive I see.

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