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How y'all been doing lately?

Hey Oppo, been a minute. I’m trying to avoid exposure to online political arguments in an attempt to claw back some sanity. Instead I’ve been consuming too much news, doing director of recruiting things from my kitchen table and/or home office (my wife likes to monopolize the office for her job and I don’t care where I’m at), and getting creative with home workouts with limited equipment.


The auto-rotation sensor on my trusty Essential PH-1 died which stuck it in portrait orientation. It got annoying having to rotate all my landscape pics after taking them. So I picked up an unused OnePlus 7T on Swappa. It’s a good phone. The auto-brightness kinda sucks and it doesn’t let you remap the double-tap power button gesture to open up third party camera apps (i.e. the Google Camera port I run) but otherwise I like it.

Fun fact: if I need to hop on a video call from my kitchen table, I use this handy dandy mini video light on my handy dandy mini tripod to ensure I look as good as possible on my work laptop’s mediocre webcam. Gotta maintain my vanity somehow.

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Yes, dat trackball tho.

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