How You Doin?

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Joey from Friends, a car guy in real life, wants to know.

I am usually not a fan of touchy feely posts on Oppo, but hope I am ok bending the rules tonight. The world has gone crazy and is shutting down, if you haven’t been asked to shelter in place you are probably about to, or maybe be laid off.


I am in charge of a small office and it has been a blast coming up with plans for work from home, canceling meetings, changing rules and procedures, communicating those changes to the public we work with. Come home to talk about everything again with my family and also worry about my 89 year old mother and 75 year old mother in law the who WONT STAY HOME.

Would like to wrench to remove stress and just get away from things, but have been too busy or exhausted to do as much as I would like.


Upside, connecting with all family members and close friends and even colleuges from work, comparing notes, letting them know we care, all in this together etc, mostly have seen the good side of people, but I have been running hard the last few years (self inflected) and man I was looking fo a break. 

So anyway, how you doin? Feel free to vent, praise, be hopeful, be fearful, or just say hey to your virtual buddies.

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