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I was scrolling through my absolute favorite advertising social media app today and came across this gem. Clicking on the comments on car manufacturer ads is one of my favorite things to do, as you get to see some great examples of who’s buying whatever car is being advertised.


Usually, you either get people that love their car, people that are having issues with their vehicle, or people who can’t afford the new Supra, but continuously complain “IT neEDS A 2jz, i wOuLD nEveR BuY ThiS”.

Anyways, this comment thread stood out to me today. Commenter #1 loves her Jeep Cherokee and wanted to tell the world. Woo! However, Commenter #2, is not pleased with her Compass and for some reason needs a random Facebook stranger to help.


Apparently, Commenter #2 bought a 2wd Compass thinking it was equipped with 4 wheel drive. I lol’d at the part where the salesperson allegedly said “he thought it might” have 4wd. Poor Commenter #2 is probably stuck with a 2wd Compass because both her and the salesperson assumed it was equipped 4wd. So much stupidity in one transaction! 

I know we are the exception, not the reality when it comes to purchasing vehicles, but wow could you imagine ending up in this situation. Let’s hope for her sake the dealer takes it back, but you never know. Hope you all find this amusing like I do! 

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