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Howdy Harrell: A Car History

I thought it might be interesting if all of the OPPOS posted their car history.... Because its humpday, and I’m bored because I already listened to the TST and Hooniverse Podcasts.

Here is a list of cars I have owned/ or drove for a significant period of time while loaning from my parents back in school. I’m only 24 but the list is kind of long.

I may go in to more depth on each car in a future post but.... Here we go.

My first Car: 1997 Volvo 850 Wagon. MANUAL. (2 Years)

Then my senior year I used the money I saved up since I was 8 and bought a..

2) 2004 Land Rover Discovery. #TBT to 2009 (3 Years)


Back before I even lifted, BRO. The only picture I can still find of it (My dad may have more). Bonus if you guess the orange car!

As you might have guessed.... It broke, and got so expensive to fix... I needed to sell it.


So I moved on to borrow my parents.....

3) 1998 z3 MANUAL. (1 Year)

(Not my car) I loved this thing.... Until and F250 T-boned me and almost killed me.


I felt so bad for my parents... they planned on keeping it forever, and I was in the car when that asshole hit me. That day I promised them I would get them another one some day.


So... With the insurance money, and some money I had saved up through college, I got a...

4) 2008 Mercedes CLK 350 Auto :( (1.5 Years)


I fucked up bad on this one guys. I have to admit... I totaled it, but that is a story for another time.

So with the money that the insurance gave me, I ponied up and bought a..

5) 2007 Volvo XC90 (2 Years)


I bought the nicest thing I could get used on 4 wheels that wasn’t fast or exciting.

I bought it my senior year in college and took it with me when I moved to San Antonio for my first post-grad job. Long story short, I had it for 2 years and I work in a traveling sales route that I am unreimbursed for... and the gas mileage sucked. Soooo with the money I saved up over the last year, I traded it in for.....


6) 2015 Mustang Ecoboost Paddle Shift Auto


I went with the auto only because of HOW MUCH I DRIVE, and so far i am happy i did so. I’ve got’ big plans for this car and I cant wait to share it with all of you!!!!!!!!

So, what is your car History?

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