Howdy Y'all

This week marks the second week of approximately 19 (or more) weeks that I will be spending in Dallas for work. While I don’t really mind being on travel (meals paid for, not commuting, not putting gas into my cars, saving up extra money) it kind of sucks to be away from my normal life and all the car things I normally do. Anyways, over the next couple of months I definitely want to try exploring Dallas more while I’m here weekdays and do more car stuff. I’m home the majority of weekends but I’ll probably end up stuck here at some point out of convenience.

Anyone familiar with Dallas? I’d like to know where some good go karting stuff is that I could do on a weekday after work. I also absolutely need to find some night time pickup soccer or ultimate Frisbee since all I do here is eat and be lazy.


Happy to be heading home for the weekend to my STi, my Miata, and my girlfriend!

Throwback photo from my first autocross event
My Miata in Texas this past November
Day 1, first minute after finalizing the purchase of my STi in November
She is much happier with the top down and some sun in LA now lol

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