How's it going, Oppo?

I’m just plugging along trying to dodge the ‘rona.

I dropped off my truck for an oil change/rotate the other day and decided to spring for an A/C service. Lately the A/C started blowing hot at stoplights but still worked fine at other times. It’s usually a good idea to troubleshoot other things first before doing a recharge, but I figured my truck is 12 years old with 128k miles so it seemed like it could just be due for a recharge. Hoo-boy, did that fix it. Here’s what I looked like after using the A/C yesterday:

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Now it’s possible there could still be another problem or a slow leak, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. I had no idea the A/C in this thing could get so cold. Before, it was similar to my Ranger. It was cool enough, but I’d say merely adequate and not fantastic. Now I can freeze a side of beef in it.

Also, my work van turned over 150k this week. I’ve only had it for 2 1/2 years. It was new when I got it. I guess you could say I drive a little. Thursday alone I did close to 800 miles. Apparently my company retires them around 200k, so I could be getting a new one in about 6 months at the rate I’m going. It gets rode hard and put away wet most of the time, and yet I’ve had only 2 mechanical breakdowns. Neither have left me stranded. One was the driver side wheel bearing that fried itself quickly in a day, and the other was the cooling fan bearing that disintegrated. This is a ProMaster, by the way. I’ve been expecting disaster the whole time and it just hasn’t happened. I can sense potential issues coming; I think the transmission might eventually decide to nope out, though there hasn’t been any real signs. More of a feeling, really. Also, the sliding door and rear cargo doors are a little sketchy. You have to really slam them shut or the van insists they are still open. One funny quirk this van has is that on really hot days where it’s been parked and the rear bumper has had direct sunlight on it, the parking sensors go haywire and think there’s always something behind me. This also happens in the winter if snow is piled up on it. It is sensitive like a mofo.


How’s everyone doing?

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