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Unfortunately, my Miata is no longer a practical car for me and it has to go! It’s a 1995 M-Edition Miata which means it has a unique paint job and leather interior. There are some other little bells and whistles that go along with the M-Edition package, but the paint is the most obvious.

For being 20 years old, the car is in pretty good shape. There are a few blemishes on it, but it’s an older car that has been daily driven. Mechanically, it’s in terrific shape. It has been rock-solid for me for a number of years.

The hard top is NOT paint matched. It is a genuine Mazda hard top with intact glass. The car also has a Robbins soft top with glass rear-window and defroster, but it has a small ~7” cut behind the driver’s seat. I dont know if the cut can be repaired.

I am willing to separate the hard top from the car, but as a package I’m asking $5700.


Whatcha think, Oppo? Should I buy?

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