I have to deal with this shit.

I hate parties; but I hate village parties even more. People here celebrate them all throughout summer... placing bars in town squares, and inviting orchestras like Panorama:


They fit all that shit through town streets.

Anyways; I’m here for better reasons.... I need to make sure my sister doesn’t like... die. I also supposedly need to meet a Mexican friend here who is meant to introduce me to how people live here.


Some scoundrels lighting up contraband pyrotechnics dangerously close to cars... I did that too, at least once

Normally I’m mostly alone the whole summer; so I guess its a good change and I should seek her. But I’m sort of starting to direct my anxiety to her... which is not good at all. Im supposed to leave the keto diet for the summer; and as the anxiety suppressing ketones go away... I begin to form more anxiety. That’s the hard part of keto: letting go.

She told me that she has also felt anxiety so I shouldn’t worry about sometimes offloading some high-maintenance stuff on her... which is a relief


Until anxiety tells me she’s lying.

Anyway, I ought to leave the car eventually

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