"Hows the lexus project coming along?"


This was the good shaft, the other had deep grooves where the bearing dug in, these turbos had run at low or no oil pressure in a previous setup so you cant expect much.

Had to rebuild both turbos last week but they seem to still burn oil, bought 2 more for $270 after Ca tax.

Pulled the cam gear off without pulling the timing belt or crank pulley.

Ended up with an oil leak that seemed to be originating from the rh cam, leak was coating the transmission, exhaust, and lower half of the engine with large puddle on the floor too. As a result I had to cancel yesterday’s dyno appointment to find and fix the yuge oil leak along with replacing the turbos

This is a test of serviceability after all the modifications, I’d say it’s slightly better to work on then before due to more space without abs, hydro fan, and ac.

Next step is to clock the new turbos, throw the alternator on, put the exhaust back together, fingers crossed it doesn’t leak of burn anymore oil.


Also the brand new clutch is basically trash (proprietary clutch sold only for these manual swaps, and its slipping due to the power) so I’ll need to spend $1200 on a twin disc before I can get the car tuned.

Ttransmission is grinding 5th consistently with loud bearing noises and gear whine when engaged. Got quoted in excess of $2500 to rebuild it so that’s not getting fixed until it completely fails.


Rear tires need replacing.

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