So far the only good news is a lot of people worse off than me are passing in the halls. The chime going off and the flashing red “EXTREME BRADY” is less than comforting.

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For all of my snark, I deliberate about being open with my health issues. I think when we talk about these things, we help each other. Be good to yourselves, young Oppos. I was not for a long time, and this is the payoff. Waiting for doctors to talk to me, and killing time with you. Sorry if I post excessively today. I’m bored.


One Oppo in particular is probably overjoyed about these developments after calling me a “fucking loser” in a comment on a post of mine yesterday. I refused to engage with him on politics because of his unrelenting hostility, which apparently frustrated him. There are more important things than politics, and I hope that I with almost all of you, I do not take our political differences as a matter of character, but only of different perspective. I want each and every one of you to be well. I will be soon enough and we can argue some more. Have some extreme Brady for your time

Illustration for article titled Hows your Sunday?

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